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Tambour Clock

Kerf Bending

Shop Notes

Curved-Front Table

Talking Shop

Six tips from fellow woodworkers: 1) Jig for Cutting Thin Strips. 2) Right Hand Router Rules. 3) Pipe Clamp Extender, h) Table Top for Roller Stand. 5) See-Thru Clamping Block. 6) Starting Screws in Tight Places.

Bent Plywood Scooter

The curved top of this traditional Tambour Clock was made by gluing veneer over kerf-bent Masonite. A timely technique for a timeless design.

The key to successfid kerf bending is the spacing between the keifs and cutting the kerfs to the right depth. Use this techn ique to create classic designs.

1) Drawing a Partial Ellipse. 2) Re-sawing Face Veneer from Plywood. 3) Routing with a Pilot Strip. 4) Rabbeting without Chipout.

We made the "inlaid" legs on this table without doing any inlay. And the curved aprons a re keif-bent pi y wood. Aclassicproject, but modem techniques.

1) Positioning a Guide Block to Resaw on the Band Saw. 2) Storing Small Amounts of Lumber. 3) Using Slow-Setting Glue. Table Saw — Working on the Left Side or Right Side of the Blade?

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Bending Wood

Kerf Bending page 12

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Wood Storage

Flush Trim Bits


Winners of the wood storage contest. A two-part system for storing lumber and plywood. A fold-down plywood wall rack. Using bungee cords — and also spring poles — to keep your lumber neatly and securely in place.

Two flush trim router bits. With the pilot bearing on the top or the bottom, routing a pattern is fast and accurate.

Hardware and project supplies needed for the projects in this issue.

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