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The Wood Write mini-lathe Model 160 (shown above) comes assembled, mounted, aligned and ready to run. Complete with:

• 1/3hp AC induction motor with foot switch

• 400 - 5700 rpm (6 steps). 16-1/2* between centers; 5-1/2' swing over bed; 2-3/4" swing over saddle; high speed ball bearings -head and tail stock

• the E-Z Glide v crank (4 turns to move saddle V)

• tool mount and carbide tipped cutting tool

• Wood Write s exclusive high efficiency dust collection manifold The Model 260 includes all of the above PLUS a motorized saddle drive - cuts so smoothly you'll hardly even need sandpaper!

The Model 360 includes all of the above, a motorized saddle drrve. PLUS automatic stop switches at the head and tail stock. Ask about it« It's the Dream Mini-lathe.

Now available - the hands free Wood Write Copy-Cat7V duplicator -the easiest way to copy from patterns or other work.

Wood iAJnk Ltd.

2121 Abell Lane. Bldg. 404 Sparks. MD 21152 USA Tel: 1-888-966-3974 Fax: 410-771-4879

e-mail: [email protected]


Grtad EJitm liaitt» MmfmtÊNé fty tktu EipuûHy far SCOTT BOX

Saw is one grand value. Rides around the shop on a rr>oWe base and sports an 18" rip fence and Cool Blocks^ More than $225 in extras. Then top it off with a %SO rebate.

extra value

The Grand Edition 10" Contractor's Saw.' Loaded with over $200 in extras A 30" Unrfence Saw Guide, cast iron extension wing, white laminated table board and white adjustable support logs, plus a 50-tooth ATB&R carbide-tipped blade. Then add your $50 rebate.

Newfy designed. 3-ptece stand cuts 70% of your assembly time. Flared legs improve stability. New see-through blade guard locks In the upw position to facilitate blade changes

Model 28-270

% Model 30-455

extra value

Grand Edition Unisaw extras add up to over $300. Then add a $100 rebate on top of that

We've added an extra cast iron extension wing to start with. Then a 52" Unifence Saw Guide, white laminated table and shelf board, white adjustable steel support legs and a 50-tooth ATB&R carbide-tipped blade.

Unisaw' stands alone for quality and precision. Every single arbor is flange-faced after assembly to reduce run-out An extra step that other manufacturers don't bother with.

Each Grand Edition Unisaw* carries the personalized name plate of its owner. Namely you.

Model 36-920

The Grand Edition series from Delta. Each a Delta classic. Each done in white. And each made in the USA and loaded with extra goodies. These babies are hot . And they'll be built in limited quantities, for a limited time only. (Extra values and rebates in effect, July 1,1998-December 31, 1998.) For the name of your nearest participating dealer call Delta International Machinery Corp., 800-438-2486.

In Canada, call 519-8136-2840. Rebates are available in Canada (in Canadian funds) on these models only.

Proud sponsor of The New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram and The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips


A Hcrtar Company www delta woodworking com iale protetto da copyright extra value

The Grand Edition 14" Band


Regarding our patent-pending cuttertiead snipe control lock that stabilizes the cuttertiead during operation: "Compared to the other machines in the test the Delta produced the cleanest surface and the least amount of snipe. The other planers in the test also gave us excellent surface finishing, but the Delta stood out as just a bit better:'

Woodworker's Journal, January/February 1998

Regarding our quick-change 2-knife system with two high-speed steel, double-edged, reversible knives: "... quick-change knives that we found easy and accurate to install. We found that with the quick-change systems we aligned the knives within .001." And, we could install both knives in about five minutes!' "Editors' Choice Top Tool™"

Better Homes & Gardens" Wood,' November 7996

Regarding the fact that you can take precision with you, wherever you go: "The Delta got great marks for quality of cut and portability, and for its innovative cutterhead assembly lock." "Editors' Choice"

American Woodworker,,u December 1996


All of which leaves us with very little to say except this: If our p fails to perform up to your expectations within 30 days of purchase, , — can return it for a full refund. That's our Superior Performance Guarantee. And now, for a limited time, we'll even throw in an extra set of knives — a $30 value. Call toll free for the name of your nearest Delta dealer. Delta International Machinery Corp.. 800-438-2486. In Canada, 519-836-2840.

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