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Smooth Sweet New UniRipm T-Square style fence with single locking handle and extruded aluminum front rail, extends your capacity to 30" right of blade. Built-in T-slots accommodate jigs and other accessories.

Solid footing. Redesigned stand with splayed legs, integral dust chute and built-in storage for hp fence, miter gage and wrenches. Three-peece assembly can save 70% of your assembly time And all of the aggravation.

Believe it. We've just improved on one of the industry's "standards" We've taken the original Contractor's Saw1* that we designed some 46 years ago and moved it into the future. Introducing the new Delta Series 2000 Contractors SawV New fence. New stand. Old Delta. Quality. For the name of your nearest Delta dealer, call Delta International Machinery Corp., 8M-438-2486. In Canada, 519-836-2840.


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One thing's for sure. You don't mess with success. The massive cast iron table and trunnion and power and precision are right where they've been since the day we built the first one of these critters. And we're still building them right here in the good ole US of A

Newly designed see-thru blade guard with splitter and anti-kickback attachment locks in the 'UP' position for blade changing Releases automatically when insert is replaced

Your Series 2000 Contractor's Saw* is also available with a Unifence; Precision Saw Guide, or Biesemeyer Fence.


A tennoning jig or dado set or mobile base can make any saw perform better Be sure to check out alt the accessory possibilities when you ase your new machine.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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