in a cabinet shop because of the direct-reading feature, which substantially reduces error*, as well as for the fast comer radiasing. Made of brass, stainless steel and high-impact ABS, it is 7!/rlongoverall, and will scribe circles up to 12" diameter. AW514 Carpenters Gauge

Lee Valley and Veritas® Tools bring you a selection of Christmas gift ideas from their full-color, 252-page catalog.

A Veritas® Sliding Bevel

We got the genu of the idea for the cam locking mechanism on this sliding bevel from a turn-of-the-century model. We improved it substantially, making a better mechanism of bronze (using the lost-wax process), combining it with a 10" stainless-steel blade and housing both in a resin-impregnated wood body, it could lie used under water without damage. The obvious benefit of this design is that the locking mechanism is completely flush, allowing the bevel to be used on either side. But more important, it can be used in the most restricted places since the lever cam lock am be operated with a single finger. You can reach way back into a corner to measure angles. Since the locking mechanism operates by compression with no rotary movement, accuracy is perfect This is the best sliding bevel design on the market. AW565 10" Sliding Bevel $19-95

Draw radius from intefsec&on

j Lee Valley & oeRitas®

Innovation in tools®

Products with the Veritas* trademark are made by Veritas* Tools Inc., the manufacturing arm of Lee Valley Took Ltd.

Lee Valley Tools Ltd., 12 East Rtivr Street, Ogdensburg, ,V.K 13669

Guarantee - We pledge to you the best service we can provide with personal attention and the best value on every order. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return your purchase within 3 months by insured parcel post to our Ogdensburg, N.Y., address. You can choose to either exchange the product, or receive a complete refund, including your return insured parcel post costs.

Veritas® 4-Way Speed Frame Clamp

The fastest-adjusting frame clamp on the market. Completely knurled for good grip, the speed-clamping nuts* are designed to let you make fast adjustments, yet hold securely when you tighten them. They are cross drilled to slide easily on the rods until they come up against a corner clamp; then their threads engage. To release them, you just have to back them off a turn or two and they are then free sliding again. The clamp includes four corners (strong, glass-filled nylon with brass inserts), four speed-clamping nuts, eight !A -20 threaded rods, and four coupling nuts. The rods and coupling nuts have a black-oxide finish. Maximum capacity is 44 "square or 65 " x 23" rectangle.

AW505 Frame Clamp Set $24.95

Micro-Plane Rasps

These rasps do an incredible job on wood, plastic and resins. Each blade has hundreds of small, razor-sharp teeth diat are slightly rounded like a scrub plane blade. The teeth are formed by-etching and are sharp on three edges. Wood shavings emerge through the throat of each tooth, making a packed rasp a thing of the past.

The rasp blades fit a standard 12"hacksaw frame or can be used free hand. Available in 3 styles: a Ivalf-round shape, a rigid flat Wade and a flexible flat blade (for gentle curves). .Ml are made from tempered stainless steel; they won't rust - the usual cause of dulling of normal files and rasps. These arc real wood hogs. AW501 Rasp Blade - Half-Round $8.95 AW502 Rasp Blade - Rigid Flat $8.95 AW503 Rasp Blade - Flexible $8.95

Restorer's Cat's Paw A cat's paw is a versatile bar for pulling and driving nails. The straight end is used to start removing the nail and the "cat's paw" is used to finish the job. This style of cat's paw has a wafer thin pry-tip ideal for easing apart cabinets in repair work without marring the wood. Until you have used this tool, you can't appreciate its versatility. Removing molding, separating miter joints in frames and easing off paint-seized hardware are just a few examples. At 8"long, it is easy to carry or store. Excellent tool value. Made in Japan. AW575 Restorer's Cat's Paw $11.95

Veritas® Tapered Gauges

A tapered gauge gets its accuracy by effectively stretching any scale for accurate reading. These stretch the standard scale by a factor of seven. When a thickness difference of xAnb stretched over 7*"of the scale, small differences in thickness can easily be measured with fine accuracy. The aluminum gauges can be used many ways - for setting fences, router bits and drill-press stops, as well as making any gap easy to measure and. therefore, easy to fill - if you

Joinery - Mo;«uro Router - Setting Bondsaw - Oecfc groove lot tongue height ol router W. lence seeing, thickness.

happen to be repairing work. All are hard anodized, a process that makes the surface as hard to scratch as tool steel, yet leaves it easy to write on with a pencil. In most uses accurate to ±0.002", they are guaranteed to have no greater error than 0.005'"in any measurement. Simple, effective tools in the scale of your choice -fractional in graduations, decimal in 0.010" graduations, and metric in 0.2mm graduations. All have fine tips (Vu"thick) and measure up to \l/s'(or equivalent) thickness. Case included.

L AW550 Tapered Gauge - Fractional $19-95

M. AW551 Tapered Gauge - Decimal $19-95 AW552 Tapered Gauge - Metric $ 19-95 AW555 Tapered Gauges, set of 3 $52.00

'Speed-damping Nuts

These nuts are quick adjusting because they arc cruss drilled (at first glance the hole appears to be off center). This unique design allous you to move them along a threaded rod without turning them; their threads do not engage until they meet the clamping comer (or any obstruction). Then you tighten them. The threads disengage when you loosen the nuts, allowing the same free-sliding adjustment along the rods. f\ _

Speed nut slides freely and engages at corner

A Catalog Of Solutions

Our 252-page, full-color catalog has the widest selection of woodworking hand tools in the 1 market It is filled with detailed information (like above) plus many technical tips.

Visit our Web site at uww.leetvlley.com

or fax: 1-800-513-7885 C MM

Our catalog is $5 (refunded with first order) or FREE with any purchase from this ad.

N.V. residents, add sales tax.

Overseas, call: 1-613-596-0350 or fax: 1-615-596-6030.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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