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tpecic, from 1/4" to 4", burl,, wood ID kits, veneers, woodworker's supplies. Colonial Hardwood,. Springfield. VA (800) 466-5451.

FANTASTIC INVENTORY-Logs. lumber. turning blanks, instrument woods. Catalog S2.00. Gilmer Wood Company. 2211 NW St. Helens Road. Portland. OR 97210. (503) 274-1271.

CHIPMUNK HARDWOODS 50 specie,. Quality, native, exotic hardwoods. In stock. Cut to order. Full millwork. Fldgewater. FL (904) 427-3476. VWMa.terCard

APPALACHIAN HARDWOODS economy pack I «XI bf. 2-5 feet long. 3-10 inches wide. Oak $200.00, Cherry $225.00. Walnut $225.00, Poplar SI 25.00. Ash S165.00 plu, shipping. One clear ude. Planing, sanding, and longer length, available. Burnett's Saw Mill. 406 Archer Road. Und, TN 37779. (423) 992-3382.

CALIFORNIA'S FINEST QUALITY BURLWOODS 30.000 pie«*: Redwood. Maple, Buckeye. Manunita, Madronc. Myrtlewood. Walnut, etc. Any sire/use/ guaranteed/direct. established 27 vcarv Burl Tree. (800) 785-BURL.

ATTENTION WOODTURNERS: Quality Oregon hardwoods. Discount price,. Free catalog. Call Central Valley Wood Products (800) 353-7999

OLD GROWTH QUARTERSAWN WHITE & RED OAK. Wide Quattcnawn & Curly Sycamore- Precision sasvn lumber and bookmatclicd flitches. Talarico Hardwood,. KD »3. Box 3268. Mohnron. PA 19540 <610) 775-0400. V1S.VMC

1/16'.1/2' DOMESTIC/EXOTIC HARDWOOD. Perfect for fretwork and scroll,awing. Custom milling. Check our prices Free catalog. Fretwork Fantasies, 208 Barker Avenue. High Point, NC 27262. (3.36) 882-1940.F.-mail: AlFrctworktf aol.com

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