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Bench Marks

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed Robert Whitley's article on his workbench (AW #65). I liked his bench so much that over the last three months I built my own version. I learned some techniques that I hadn't used before and ended up with a very good bench. Please pass thanks on to Mr. Whitley.

David Jones O'Fallon, MO

Puzzle Additions

Japanese puzzle expert Kozy Kitajima deserves some crcdit for his contributions to my article in issue #68 ("Nob's Nevcrcnding Puzzle"). He not only solved the puzzle in the 1 1 ways shown on page 59, but he also generated the computer drawings used to create the artwork in the magazine. Let me also correct the spelling of the puzzle's inventor: it's Nobuyuki Yoshigahara.

Allan Boardman Woodland Hills, OR

Soften a File to Make a Scraper

The Tcch Tip in issue #63 titled "From File to Scraper" prompted me to write. Files arc made from hardened steel, and they are far too brittle to be used safely as lathe tools. If a file were caught in the wood and it broke, there would be pieces of very sharp-edged metal flying about!

It's far safer to first "soften" a file by heating to red heat and then allowing it to cool slowly. In this soft condition the metal can be shaped as necessary, and the teeth can be removed on a belt sander. The edge and its adjacent area can then be hardened and tempered before final sharpening.

To harden: Heat to red heat, then quench quickly in a large volume of cold water with a "slick" of thin oil or soap on the surface. When cooK polish ofY the oxide coating with a fine abrasive. To temper: Heat slowly from below the hardened area» and watch the colors of the oxide layer as it re-forms.

When the hardened area is a pale to mid-yellow color, re-quench in cold water as before.

George A. Mills Southampton, England

Tablesaw Safety

I am a reader of several woodworking magazines. Your article on tablesaw safety is the first I've seen that so graphically illustrates mishaps that can occur when using this machine. A great number of amateur woodworkers don't have formal coaching in the use of woodworking machines. Your article fills this void.

Harry B. Sands Nassau, The Bahamas

Web Site Feedback

I've been working with wood for several years and enjoy your Web site tremendously. I like the dialogue with knowledgeable people as well as the links to other sites. Thanks.

James Ross Stevenson, AL

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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