Kel Mcnaughton System

Mcnaughton System

Price: $285 (standard system), $319 (large system)

DESCRIPTION: This system can accommodate a wide variety of knives (up to seven are available) that fit into a large handle. I tested the standard four-knife system for working bowls up to 12-in. dia. A large-size system is also available (with three knives) for bowls up to 16-in. dia.

The tool rest is a pivoting gate that allows the knife to move in or out while enabling the turner to control the angle of attack. A crossbar prevents the knife from kicking up—a necessary safety feature. The mechanism is simple, sturdy, and easy to set up. But because it allows more freedom of movement, it's trickier to master.

With this system, the high-speed steel cutter is only slightly wider than the shaft that follows it into the cut. A good feel for the tool and frequent clearing are required to avoid jamming the cutter. McNaughton recommends setting the belts of your lathe's drive system slightly loose to allow for slippage in the event of a jam. You may also want to have the tailstock in place with a live center running to help stabilize the work when making large, deep coring cuts.

The other problem that can occur is difficulty in sliding the cutters through the gate. Ihe instructions emphasize keeping the mechanism clean and well lubricated. I found both wax and oil helped here.

PROS: Turner has freedom to control core shape; many sizes and types of cutters available; tailstock available to hold blank during coring cuts.

CONS: Coring technique takes time to master; mechanism must be clean and well lubricated to prevent cutter shafts from binding in gate; cut must be cleared frequently.

FINAL SPIN: The Kel McNaughton's versatility will endear it to more capable turners who take the time to learn how to use it.

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