Multi Tools

These hip toolkits pack pliers and plenty more

In size and function, the multi tool picks up where a jackknife leaves off, and stops somewhere short of a small toolbox. The main difference between a jackknife and a multi tool can be summed up in one word: pliers. And every multi tool has its own ingenious way of incorporating the gripping, wire-cutting jaws into a compact, folding design. But the models we tried are too big to sit well in a pants pocket. That's why the typical multi tool comes with a pouch meant to travel on your belt.

Beyond pliers, multi tools offer an assortment of blades you can unfold as needed. The arsenal usually includes several screwdriver tips, at least one knife, a can opener, awl, file, saw, and even a small chisel, if you're lucky. English and metric scales are inscribed on the handles of most models.

A multi tool won t improve your joinery work. But it's an awesome companion whenever you need to fix or fiddle with something.

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