Pivot Hole

^Epoxy 1/4-in. steel pin into low fence.

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Depth-Stop Paddle

I often drill pilot holes in thin stock where the drill point comes perilously close to a finished surface. My drill press has no reliable depth stop, so I made wooden paddles in various thicknesses, depending on the depth I want to drill. I use them singly or in combination to provide depth control. The chuck itself is the stop.

Bob Wcigcl Tucson, AZ


End of chuck contacts paddle workpiece

End of chuck contacts paddle

Speedy Tape

When I need many short lengths of masking tape, I score a roll of tape with a razor knife as shown in the sketch. I can remove the number of pieces I need quickly and easily.

C.M. Wegner Bloomington, MN

Score roll with razor knife.

Instant Rubber Gloves

Just mixed a batch of cpoxy and found you're out of rubber gloves? Slip your hand into an empty plastic bread wrapper, put a rubber band around your wrist, and you're back in business.

Randy Lee Fairfield, OH

Sliding Stop Block

Using the tablesaw fence as a stop block can be a dangerous practice: Small off-cuts get trapped between the blade and the fence and can be thrown at you. Instead of clamping a block to the fence each time, 1 made this simple jig that fits over the fence and can be locked in any position with two thumbscrews. Make the left side exactly 1 in. thick so you can still use your fence's tape scale. When the fence is on the left side of the blade, turn the jig around.

John Fridrick Dayton, OH

Dimension opening for a sliding fit over rip fence.

1/4-20 X 11/4 1. THUMBSCREW

1/4-20 T-NUT Counterbore for T-nut before assembling jig.

1/4-20 X 11/4 1. THUMBSCREW

M aterĂ­ale prou a cot

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