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Self-Centering Router Fences

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This setup enables me to rout mortises or cut dadoes in the exact center of a workpiece without measuring. I made two fences, a high one and a low one, which swing around pivot points. The key to making the setup accurately is to locate the holes in the router table's top in a straight line with the center of the router-bit opening, and equidistant from each other. Once you've drilled the pivot hole in each fence, swing an arc from the hole to lay out the curved slot for the lock knob and bolt.

To use the jig, I spread the two fences, insert the workpiece, then close the fences around the workpiece and lock the fences with the knobs. A refinement is the sliding index with scribcd refer-cncc lines. I set the centcrlinc of the index to the exact center of the bit so I know where to start and stop the cut.

Steven Murphy Berkeley, CA

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