The Glory Of Glazes

Bill Blass Pennsylvania House FurnitureBill Blass Pennsylvania House Furniture

When country folks made city visits in the early 1800s, they often encountered high-style furniture made from mahogany, bird's-eye maple, walnut burl, and marble. Returning home, an inspired farmer would recreate the look of these fancy materials, using his own ingenuity and just a few basic supplies.

Some surviving examples of decorative glazes are spectacular, depicting everything from realistic flowers to bold geometric patterns. Today, the rich history of this finishing technique is carried on by artists like Bill Russell, whose work is shown below.

Finish or fine veneersi Russell masks off different parts or areas and uses contrasting glazes and putty patterns to create a composition of glaze treatments.

Putty painting, circa 1860. This Pennsylvania German chest features bold painting framed by a putty-painted vinegar glaze.

A plate with personality. Decorative painter Bill Russell used putty painting technique to create this distinctive lazy susan.

Locks GloryLocks Glory

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