The Perfect Edge

Exclusive, built-in dust-extraction column attaches to standard shop vacuum to remove 95% of dust

8' rubber cordset

100% ball-bearing construction

2 HP motor provides the power to make the most challenging cuts

Electronic, variable-speed motor runs at 8,000-24,000 rpm with constant speed under load to ensure a quality finish in all materials

Innovative, rubber-coated knobs have plunge-lock and on/off switch built in for maximum control

Rack-and-pinion, micro-fine depth adjuster provides fast and accurate depth settings

Spindle lock button allows one-wrench bit changes

1/4"-1/2" collet capacity for greater versatility

Converts from a fixed-base to a plunge router without extra parts or tools

Precision-machined, 3-position turret stop

The family of DeWALT HEAVY-DUTY ROUTERS is the industry standard. These routers provide the highest degrees of accuracy, durability and power you can buy. along with the most innovative features available. For example, the DW621 includes the industry's only built-in dust-collection system. It also can convert from a fixed-base to a plunge router without additional parts or tools. And. its 2-horsepower motor provides the power needed to cut a variety of materials. The DeWALT line also includes the DW625, which boasts 15 amps and a 3-horsepower motor. And our fixed-base router, the DW610, was a 1998 Wood Magazine Editors' Choice. So get the best of all worlds, and get a DeWALT heavy-duty router. Guaranteed Tough."

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