Laguna LT16HD Q $1,595 Euroshop B16 $1,395

Grizzly G1073 $595

KEY: Blade Guide Type (See main text.): MB = metal blocks, PB = plastic blocks, BB = ball bearing, E = Euro-style, 'optional ($149). ••optional ($40).

Adjustable fence. The

Euroshop's adjustable, high-low fence makes it easy to compensate for blade "drift" when resawing.

Single-point fence. Delta's ingenious rip fence includes a movable steel pin that makes point-contact resawing easy and convenient.

Blade tensioning. To set the Laguna's blade tension, you turn the handwhecl until the blade width appears in the gauge's window.

Better blade support.

Delta's angled lower guide block allows the guide to be mounted close to the table for improved support.

Fit and finish. During and after assembly, we evaluated rhe saws' fit and finish. We looked for signs of manufacturing quality that can influence performance and ease of use: flat tables with smooth tilting mechanisms; rigid upper guide posts that moved parallel to the blade; balanced, coplanar (in line with each other) wheels that tracked the blades properly; finger-friendly wheel castings; and locking mechanisms that were both effective and comfortable.

While all the saws rated "good" or better in fit and finish, the Delta, General, Jet, and l~aguna were standouts in this category. (See chart, above.)

Blade guides. A bandsaw s blade guides—one set mounted under the tabic and che other on a movable guide post above it—arc critical for accurate sawing. They keep the blade from wandering sideways or jumping backward off the wheels as you cut.

All three types of blade guides on our test saws (see photos, page 45) have a thrust bearing behind the blade to stop it from moving backward as you feed your work. What varies is how they control side-to-side blade movement and twist.

Block-type guides have metal or plastic blocks that adjust flat against the sides of the blade when you loosen thumbscrews or setscrcws in the guide housing. Plastic blocks, such as those in the Jet guides, aren't as rigid or long-wearing as metal blocks, but they run cooler, especially during curved cuts. Plastic blocks also provide a unique kind of support, especially for very narrow (less than l^-in.-wide) blades; you

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