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Bob Moran is assistant editor of AMERICAN WOODWORKER

Finding Good Wood —Page 45 Sawing a Log—Page 47 Small-Scale Sawmills-Page 48 Dry ing Your Own Wood —Page 52 Sources—Page 51 and 54

You see it all the time. Somebody cuts down a big, beautiful shade tree and splits it up for firewood. The things you could have made with that wood! ... If only you had a sawmill

Well, stop dreaming and start planning. Sawing and drying your own wood is a viable option for the serious furniture maker or part-time entrepreneur. Portable sawmills can saw up a tree where it falls.

Whether vou buv a mill vourself or hire someone who

owns one, custom, on-site milling can supply you (and your friends) with some extra-special wood.

In this article, I'll take a look at some practical options for finding, sawing and drying your own wood. In Finding Good Wood you'll learn where to buy or scrounge trees and logs. In the section. Sawing a Ixtg vou'll see how to cut up a log. In Small-Scale Sawmills I'll review some saws, from inexpensive chainsaw rigs to versatile bandmills you can tow with a pickup. In Drying Your Own Wood you'll learn various ways you can drv vourown boards.

Who knows? Once you get started, you might find lumbermaking as much fun as making furniture. A

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How To Sell Furniture

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