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ml ml hcther you call it rustic, W W country, or just plain practi-; W cal, this wall shelf has that I f honest, basic, down-to-earth style that says "home, sweet home" to lots of Americans. It's great for hanging up coats in your hallway or for displaying plates, baskets, mugs or decorative items in vour kitchen.

This shelf is a nice, simple project—just right for first-time woodworkers. You can buy the lumber, cut out the pieces, nail them together and apply a finish, all in a few hours. I used common #2 pine boards to make the shelf. You could use oak, cherry, or most any kind of wood, perhaps to match other furniture in your home.

Building the Shelf

First, saw the top and backboards to length, and rip them to width. Use a 'Ai-in. round-over bit to rout a stepped round-over molding along the bottom edge of the top on three sides. If you plan to display dinner plates on the shelf, rout a plate groove in the top about 2 in. in from the back edge with a '/i-in. core box bit.

Lay out the shape of the two brackets so the grain

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