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Weights bold weather-protection cover in place.

Protect stack from direct sun and rain with corrugated roofing or smlar material.

Cover supports with 6-mi polyethy lene to protect stack from ground moisture and dew.

BEST: Bufld stack entirely from one length oi lumber OR butt shorter lengths to length of stack.

LESS OGSRABLE: Begin stack with longest boards, then next longest, etc., building a trapezoidal stack. Don't just stack random lengths.

Space 4 x 4s 16-in. apart on level, wel-drained ground.

'/«•in. square stickers directly over foundation supports provide air passage between layers.

Stkkered lumber under cover. Note the lack of a ground-moisture barrier and the wfcMy spaced supports and Irregular stickers, an invitation to warping. Stickers should fine up directly over supports spaced every 16 in. along the length of the lumber.

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