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After roughing out the spindle with a gouge, I set the lathe speed as low as possible and "plane" the spindle with slow, even strokes. Experiment with blade settings, the angle of the plane to the spindle, the speed of your stroke, and lathe speed for the results you want.

If you're still getting some chatter, try bearing down slightly on the plane or supporting the spindle from behind with vour hand.

FRF.t) MATLACK Em ma us. PA

Long, thin spindles that whip and chatter on the lathe can be tamed with a steadvrest, but then vou have r y to move the steady rest to turn the center section. When I'm turning straight, tapered or slightly curved surfaces, I find that they whip and chatter much less if I use a hand plane instead of a skew chisel.

mer handle and fill it with melted candle wax or paraffin to keep it handy. You couldn't find a better place to keep the wax.

Bradley Hankins

Arlington. TX

Aligning a Saw Fence

Here's a quick and easy way to align your tablesaw rip fence with a miter-gauge slot. Loosen the screws that lock the fence alignment, then press the fence against a long, steel rule or framing square in the miter-gauge slot. Retighten the screws while holding the fence tight against the rule.

David r. Johnson Apple Vallcv. MN

The King of Shims

I find that playing cards of known thickness come in handy when shimming a specific amount. You can find the thickness of a single card by dividing the thickness of the deck by the number of cards; mine are .012 in. Three of them are approximately 7n in. (.036), five are '/i* in. (.060) and so on. A decimal-fraction conversion chart is a handv accessory to the r deck of cards.

WILLIAM GlTHRtE Sylvan Lake. Ml

Quick Paper Renewal

My slickest trick for sanding curves on scrollwork is to wrap multiple layers of adhesive-backed sandpaper around a steel rod chucked in a drill or lathe. As the paper wears, 1 peel off a layer and continue sanding. Be sure to wrap the sandpaper in the direction of rotation.


Naugatuck, CT

doubli-socd foam adhes« upc

Handv Wax

A finish nail goes into hard wood much more easily, and is less likely

W m to curl up and die, if it is waxed first. I drill a hole in the end of my ham-

Rip Fence for Solid Wood

Wood often twists and bends when internal stresses are released during —A rip fence that ends at the of the blade gives the wuou room to do its own thing without binding between the fence and blade. I gel the effect of a half-length fence by bolting a half-length board to the side of my full-length fence. Now the saw runs more easily and rarely, if ever, kicks back.

Jim Turbyville West land. MI

No-Slip Clamp

When I use my bar clamps at an angle. I prevent the clamps from slipping with foam tape that has adhesive on both sides. It helps protect the wood, too. If necessary, a little naptha removes leftover tape.

M. Scally Albuquerque, N'M

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