Biscuitjointer Safety

/4s well as observing the standard working methods for power tools (see page 16), note the following points with specific reference to biscuit jointers.

• Remove and throw away cracked or bent blades, and replace with sharp ones.

• The motor must be running before you plunge the blade into wood.

• Do not attempt to slow down or stop a spinning blade by applying pressure from the side.

• The blade guard must always be in place when the jointer is running.

• When cutting a groove, always feed the jointer away from you.

blade rotation

Wooden Joint Rotation

direction of feed blade rotation direction of feed

Biscuit Joint For Bench

Using a bevel fence

Some jointers are supplied with a bevel fence for inserting biscuits in mitre joints. Lay the workpiece flat on a bench, adjust the bevel fence on the jointer, and cut the slots.

Improvising with a standard fence

Clamp the work overhanging the bench, and run the right-angle fence along the outer edge of the bevel. To help support the jointer, increase the width of the bevel by clamping one component on top of the other.

Joiner Cutting Joints

Cutting a groove

Set up the workpiece and adjust the jointer as described for making a corner-butt joint (see page 23). Rest the front end of the jointer on the panel, switch on and plunge the saw. Feed the tool across the work, then raise the blade before switching off.

Chapter J Edge j oints are used to join narrow boards together to make up a large panel, such as a table top or part of a cabinet. Using modern glues, even a plain butt joint is adequate, but including a tongue and groove in the joint makes it easier to assemble accurately and adds considerably to its strength.

Butt joint

Matching edges

It is good practice to keep the edges as square as possible. However, provided boards have been planed as a pair, they will fit together and produce a flat surface, even when the edges are not exactly square.

Wood Joint Grooving Machine

Planing edges square

With the face sides on the outside, set both boards back-to-back and level in a vice. Plane the edges straight and square, using the longest bench plane you can find, preferably a try plane.

How Execute Tongue And Groove Joint

Tongue-and-groove joint

Tongued joint

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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