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A mitred lap joint is somewhat neater than the basic version, but is more difficult to cut.

1 Marking and cutting the mitre

Mark out and cut the rabbet as described for the basic joint (see page 42), then use a mitre square and marking knife to score a 45-degree mitre on the end of the projecting lap. Score a line across the inside of the lap to mark the base of the mitre, and carefully plane off the waste down to this line.

Marking And Cutting The Lap Joint

Set a cutting gauge to the thickness of the lap, and use it to scribe a shoulder line across the inside and both edges of the side member. Then, with the stock of the same gauge pressed against the face side, scribe a line across the end grain and down each edge to meet the shoulder line. Mark the slope of the mitre from the outer corner down to the shoulder line.

3 Sawing the waste

Set the workpiece upright in a vice and, following the line scribed across the end grain, saw down to meet the shoulder line. Then, holding the side member facedown on a bench hook, saw down the shoulder line to remove the waste.

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