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When constructing a carcass with butt joints that are reinforced with multiple dowels, it pays to buy extra-long slide rods and additional drill-bit guides for a dowelling jig.

Dowelling Jig

1 Dowelling a corner joint

For a right-angle butt joint, drill the end grain first. Set the jig's side fences to position the dowel holes centrally on the thickness of the workpiece, and adjust the drill-bit guides to space the dowels 50 to 75mm (2 to 3in) apart. Make sure the fixed head is clamped against the face edge.

Fence Without Dowl Holes

2 Drilling matching holes

Without changing any settings, invert the jig and clamp it to the inside of the other component, with the side fences butted against the end grain and the fixed head against the face edge. Attach a depth stop (see opposite) to the bit to ensure you don't drill right through the wood.

Dowelling a mitred carcass joint

To make a dowel-reinforced mitre joint, assemble a jig similar to that used for a right-angle butt joint (see left), and clamp it to the bevelled end of the workpiece. Adjust the drill-bit guides to position the dowels towards the lower edge of the bevel. Having drilled the dowel holes, transfer the jig to the other mitred board and drill matching holes.

Tjoint Cut

Making a T-joint

To make a T-joint. for a cupboard partition, for example, drill the end grain as described above left; remove the side fences and clamp the jig across the matching component.

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