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At first sight, the mock finger joint looks identical to the genuine article; on closer inspection, however, you notice the fingers are not staggered. It is actually a mitre joint with 6mm (!4in) reinforcing splines planed flush. It can be cut with a power router or on a table saw. Whichever method you adopt, first construct the workpiece

Making a router jig

Make a cradle jig as described for a mock dovetail (see page 94), but rout a straight 6mm (1/4in) wide slot in the centre of the cradle and another identical slot for the locating strip 6mm (!4in) to one side. Glue a snug-fitting strip of wood into the second slot.

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1 Slotting the workpiece

Place the assembled workpiece in the cradle, with one edge butted against the locating strip. Feed the work into the router cutter to machine the first slot. Place the slot over the locating strip to reposition the workpiece for cutting the next slot. Continue in a similar way until you have machined the row of slots.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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