Machinecut Tenons

Although it is largely a matter of personal choice, perhaps the best way to produce tenons in quantity is to use a table saw. You can work relatively quickly without damaging its blade or powerful motor, and the sharp carbide-tipped saw teeth cut so cleanlv that there should be no need for final fitting by hand. It may be possible to buy a purpose-made tenon-cutting jig for a particular model of saw; such jigs are designed to slide along the slot machined across the saw table for the mitre fence. Alternatively, you can make your own jig from MDF.

Making a tenon-cutting jig

Cut the components from 12 to 18mm (1/2 to %in) MDF to fit your saw table. Make the slide from a metal strip that is an accurate sliding fit in the mitre-fence slot. Before machining joints, always make a test component and use it to check your settings before proceeding with actual workpieces.

1 Cutting the tenon cheeks

Clamp the work to the jig and feed it past the blade to cut along one side of the tenon. Turn the work round and saw the other side.

2 Sawing the shoulders

Crosscut the joint's shoulders, using the mitre fence to feed the work past the blade. A block of wood clamped to the saw's rip fence serves to align the shoulder with the blade and also prevents the severed waste jamming between the blade and fence.

Cutting a haunch

Adjust the rip fence until the blade aligns with the end of the haunch. Make the first cut and remove the waste in stages, sliding the workpiece away sideways from the rip fence.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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