How To Make Dovetail

Construct a cradle from MDF to hold the assembled workpiece at 45 degrees to the router table. Machine a small rectangular opening in the base before you assemble the basic jig with glue. Set the router to cut a dovetail slot in the centre of the cradle.

locating strip

12mm (J£in) triangular support half-mitre width locating strip

12mm (J£in) triangular support half-mitre width

Mdf Cradle Jig DegreesMake Dove Tail Cutter

Cutting the dovetails

Set up the fence and jig so that the dovetail cutter fits accurately in the slot in the cradle. Place the workpiece in the cradle, aligning one edge with the marked line, and feed the jig into the cutter to make the first slot. Move the work sideways, slipping the first slot over the locating strip, then make the next cut. Continue in the same way to cut all the dovetail slots.

1 Cutting the dovetail slot

Measure the width of the mitre used to construct the box or carcase, and set the depth of cut oh the router to half that width, plus 6mm (J4in) for the jig base. Running the jig along a 6mm (Kin) thick fence clamped to the router table, machine a dovetail slot in the centre of the cradle.

Dovetail Joint Machine

locating strip marked line

Joint Making Machine

dovetail slot

^stance between spline^ ^ equal equal

Making dovetail splines

Use the router to machine a strip of wood that fits snugly in the dovetail slots. Cut the strip into short lengths and glue one into each slot. When the glue sets, saw off the waste and plane the spines flush.

locating strip

^stance between spline^ ^ equal equal

2 Fitting the locating strip

Select a straight cutter that matches the width of the dovetail slot at its base. Machine a straight slot to one side of the dovetail slot, with the distance between them equal to the required spacing of the splines. Glue a tight-fitting strip of wood into it. Mark a line centrally between the dovetail slot and the locating strip.

marked line dovetail slot

Chapter 2 jf The finger joint is a product of the machine age - it is perfectly feasible to cut one by hand, but this process is both tedious and time-consuming. A finger joint is a strong and decorative corner joint used for box construction and to make sliding trays and drawers for modern-

style furniture.

Aging Furniture Joints

1 Clamping the work

Stand the work on end and butt it against the projecting tongue. Hold it in place with a G-cramp. Although only one workpiece is shown here, you can clamp a number of pieces together and cut them simultaneously.

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