Making A Tsquare

Prepare 150 x 12mm (6 x Vm) straight-grained hardwood, and cut from it a 600mm (2ft) T-square blade. Cut a 400mm (1ft 4in) stock from 75 x 12mm (3 x V2\n) wood. Screw and glue the blade to the stock at 90 degrees. Mark both ends of the stock with a line that is the same distance from the edge of the T-square blade as the centre of the router cutter is from the edge of the tool's base. Use these lines to position the cutter on the centre line of the housing.

Machining the shelf

Set the work upright in a vice and clamp an L-shape guide batten on each side, flush with the end grain. Adjust the side fence to machine a dovetail along one side of the work, then reset the fence to dovetail the

Cutting the notch

Notch the front end of the shelf using a tenon saw.

Cutting the housing

Align the mark on the T-square stock with the centre line of the housing pencilled across the workpiece. Clamp the T-square onto the work. Adjust the router cutter to the required depth (about one-third the thickness of the wood), then machine the housing, stopping about 12mm from the front edge of the panel. Square the end of the housing with a chisel.

Notch Cut Wood Table


>45 an alternative method of cutting the dovetail, invert the router in a worktable, and set the table's fence to guide the workpiece past the cutter. Having made one pass, reverse the work and dovetail the other face.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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