Tongueandgroove Joint


A power router is not only the perfect tool for grooving a joint to take a separate tongue, it can also be adapted to machine an integral tongue on one half of a joint. For jointing larger sections of timber, consider setting up a table saw to cut tongues and grooves.

Wooden Tongue Clamps
A wooden strip clamped along each side of the workpiece provides a wide, flush surface to support the base of the router.
Slip Toung Joint Timber
Clamp the matching component between two similar strips of wood, then adjust the router's fence to guide the cutter along one side of the tongue. Remove the waste from the other side.
Tongue Cuts Side

1 Cutting a tongue with a table saw

With the wide face of the wood against the fence, saw along one side of the tongue. Turn the wood end-for-end, and saw the other side.

Wood Joint Grooving Machine

2 Removing waste

Adjust the fence, lay the work on its side, and cut away the waste on one side of the tongue. Turn the work over and repeat the procedure.

2 Removing waste

Adjust the fence, lay the work on its side, and cut away the waste on one side of the tongue. Turn the work over and repeat the procedure.

Tongue Cuts Side

3 Sawing a matching groove

Adjust the fence to saw just on the inside of the groove. Turn the work end-for-end and saw down the other side of the groove before removing the waste, one saw cut at a time.


With some table saws, you have to remove the riving knife and blade guard before you can cut a groove or rabbet; this makes operating the machine more hazardous, so work with great caution and attention. If your table saw cannot be fitted with a vertical and horizontal 'hold-down'guard, which surrounds the area of the work near the blade, make an auxiliary fence from wood, with a guard that covers the blade, to line the rip fence.

Auxiliary Fence

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Chapter 4 Dowelling is just one of the methods used to reinforce butt joints. However, since a well-made dowel j oint rivals the mortise and tenon in strength and versatility, it is legitimately considered to be a separate category of joint, and one which is relatively easy to make.

Butt Joints For Wood Fencing

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Cutting Wood Lengthwise Chainsaw BarButt Joints For Wood Fencing

1 Cutting components to length

Saw each component to length and trim the ends of the rail square as described for making a square-ended butt joint (see page 18). Leave the stile or leg of a corner joint overlong until the joint is finished.

Halving Joints

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