Using A Table

Make a simple jig by tilting the saw blade to 45 degrees and ripping a 90-degree I/-shape notch down the centre of a short length of 50 x 100mm (2 x 4in) softwood. Leave about 6mm I1/tin) of wood just below the notch.

Set the blade upright and cut two slots across the base, about one third of the way along the jig. Space the slots to match the required interval between 'fingers', and if you want splines wider than the standard saw kerf\ fit wobble washers. Glue a locating strip in one slot and proceed to cut the joint as described above, using the saw's mitre fence to feed the jig.

Spline Kerf JigNotch Cut Wood Table

2 Fitting the splines

Plane a strip of wood to be a snug fit in the slots and cut it into 90-degree triangles to make slightly oversize splines. Glue them in place and, when the adhesive has set, plane them flush.

Chapter 12 All but the cheapest drop-leaf tables are made with sophisticated detailing, aimed at making the moving components attractive as well as functional. The joint between leaf and fixed top is invariably moulded to hide the actual hinges when the leaf is lowered;

on smaller sofa and Pembroke tables, the leaves are supported on brackets fashioned with integral wooden-hinge mechanisms.

Table Saw Jig For French Cleat

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Apothecary Chest Plans

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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