Rockier Dust-Right®

The Dust-Right Master System turns your stationary dust collector into a powerful, dust-busting shop vacuum. Once the handle is clamped to a section of 4" hose, a variety of attachments makes shop cleanup a snap. The floor nozzle (at left) will put your broom out of work. The system includes a blast gate, wall hangers, and an adapter that allows you to "plug" the handle

Bench nozz/e.. Handle

Bench nozz/e.. Handle

Extension Adapter

allows you to "plug" the handle

3 Remote Control Switch

To do its job, a dust collector has to be switched on. And if you have to walk across the shop to turn on the collector for what might amount to 30 seconds , of work at a machine, «

to skip the trip. But when the dust col- ^bJH lector is hooked up "

to a remote, the lB switch is always at T i^hlRSI

your fingertips. And J* jHH

you'll never think W twice about turn- Jr| ing it on. ($70)

When you use a shop 19 vacuum for dust collection, * capacity is an issue. A good solution is to turn your shop vacuum into a high-capacity, two-stage collector with a plastic trash can and a Veritas Cyclone Lid. The idea is to rout the chips trash can where the MM

separates out most of the heavier debris. ($42 to $55)

U Fazlok Universal Connector

One of the challenges ^^^^^^^^^^ you encounter when mov- j'* * » ing a dust collection hose K'. J. ■'

is that dust ports aren't one- L-• size-fits-all. The Fazlok Univer- ■--* .' f jt ■1J sal Connectors shown below, Li/ r- j *., ~'( are designed to deal with this K ■-■. ■: - ■ ■ ■: ■ -problem. The "telescoping" sections allow you to connect a 4"

Quick-Disconnect Fitting

Ifyoudon'tenjoytheluxury of a permanent hose connection to each machine, you'll Bfc^^jj love this quick-disconnect ; fitting. It simply threads into V vj, a 4"-dia. hose and then allow s V ■'■ -easy slip-off, slip-on change-overs, as shown above. ($6)

Magnetic Dust Chute

M What do you get by combining the strength of rare-earth magnets with a simple dust chute? As you can see in the photo at left, the answer is convenient and versatile dust collection.

The four rare-earth magnets on the bottom of the Veritas dust fhk chute provide 40 lbs. of ■ " holding power. This allows v'-i'if* * you to securely position it - on a spindle sander, drill . press table, lathe, or any iron surface. The 2V2" opening fits a standard :' shop vacuum hose. ($31) E!

After flattening one face at the jointer, a planer will make the opposite face perfectly parallel. Then plane the board to final thickness.

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