Take a look at a few, inexpensive add-ons guaranteed to help keep your shop cleaner

In a shop filled with power machinery, efficient dust collection is more than just a convenience, it's pretty much a necessity. In short order, a planer, table saw, or router can create a small mountain of chips and cloud the air with unhealthy dust. Fortunately, for any dust collection challenge you might encounter, there's more than likely a fixture or accessory available that will handle it. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites. Source information is provided on page 51.

Loc-Line System

Although it may look like something from the imagination of Dr. Seuss, you'll find that the Loc-Line system is very practical. The heart of the system is a rigid, segmented hose that can be bent and shaped to position dust collection right where it's needed. A couple of snap-on nozzles are available, as well as adapters that let you attach the hose to a shop vacuum or dust collector. {Hose - $28, Fittings - $5 to $6)

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