Moisture Register Dc-2000

Moisture Register DC2000; $88

For those who want a little more than a bare-bones meter, the DC 2000 offers the most features for the least money. For $88 you get a meter with built-in species correction and the largest MC range (6 percent to 65 percent) of any meter under $150. Wood species are grouped into three different categories, A, B and C. If you really want precise readings, the DC2000 also comes with species correction charts. The Moisture Register also features an easy-to-read digital LCD display. Unfortunately, a carrying case is $20 extra.

Timber Check; $65

Rugged and simple are the operative words for this meter. It can tell you all you really need to know about air-dried or kiln-dried wood. It's the only meter out there that's calibrated to read red oak instead of Douglas fir.

The Timber Check works when you insert the pins and turn the knob on the base until

the LED light goes on. Each click of the knob represents 1-percent intervals from 6 percent to 12 percent and 4-percent intervals from 14 percent to 25 percent. The readings are printed clearly on the body of the meter.

Best Buy, Pinless Meters

Wagner L-609; $140

Easy to use and compact, the L-609 has been in the Wagner stable for many years. What we really liked about this meter, besides the price, is that it comes with an extensive species correction chart with over 170 species, including tropical exotics. If you can't find your wood on this list, then you've really got a rare specimen. We also liked the fact that the sensing pad is small enough to allow for readings on the edge of 4/4 boards. M

Temp. Correction

Species Correction

Auto Shut-Off

Carrying Case

(1 (-external probe accessory available (4)-charts provided for precise measurements In extreme temps. Comments (2)-spare pair included = Best Buy (3)-display has hold feature



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