Choosing And Using A Brush

solvent needed to clean up your finish. (Water for water-based coatings; mineral spirits or naphtha for oil varnishes; denatured alcohol for shellac; lacquer thinner for lacquer.) "Hiis will fill the reservoir with just enough solvent to help the finish flow better. It also helps prevent the finish from forming a liard-toclean crust at the upper edge of the line of finish on the bristles.

Before you dip your brush, stir the finish thoroughly to mix all the components evenly and completely. Dip only one third to one half the length of the bristles into the finish. Rather than scrape off the excess on the rim of the can, remove it by simply touching the end of the brush to the rim or inside wall of the can. After all, the idea is to prevent drips, not to unload the brush. Hold the brush at a comfortable angle to the w<xxl (anywhere from 30° to 80°), and let the coating flow.

Cleaning Up

As soon as you finish with the brush, clean it thoroughly in the correct solvent for the finish. When it appears perfectly dean, spin-dry the brush by rolling the handle briskly between your hands. Now go to the sink and wash the bristles with lots of warm water and plenty of foamy soap (1 prefer shaving soap). Rinse out the soap.

To reshape the bristles, take a piece of stiff, absorbent

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