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Hold ili<* l>ru*li ul die ferrule with your thumb on «»ne hide and your finger* extended oil the other. The handle re*tH ill tin* well of die tlniinh.

paper, such as a brown paper bag, about twice the length and four times the width of the bristles, and roll the ferrule and bristles in the paper. Fold the paper about an inch past the end of the bristles, and set the wrapped brush aside to dry. It should come out supple and reshaped—like a new brush.


Brushes arc defined by the type of hair or bristle-used in them. Here are some guidelines for choosing die correct brush. This checklist will help you match the finish with the most appropriate brush. It is a wise idea to pay a bit more and buy quality.

Touch up: Camel works well for smooth, uniform coverage, but it is hard to beat die spring)', sharp point of good red sable for adding fine grain lines and delicate touches.

Oil varnish and polyurcthane: The old standby is still China bristle, which is actually white or black hog hair. Hie color makes no difference, but look for long, supple hair, a chisel end, and either tapered or flagged bristles.

Water-based finishes: Natural hair tends to splay and become unmanageable in water, so here, the best choice is synthetic bristles. Nylon is the softest and my favorite, but polyester or nylon/polycstcr blends also work well. Avoid flagged tips with water-based materials, as they can cause excessive foaming.

Shellac and lacquer They are not as common as they once were, but if you can find one, try using a fitch brush. The hair comes from our smelly friend the skunk. The bristles themselves are short but very soft, and are often set into an oversized ferrule that rises partway up the handle. Badger brushes also work extremely well for these thin finishes. In a pinch, a good grade of China brisde brush will do.

Ml 1-800-443-7337 or FAX (804) 847-7136

Corrosion Resistance

Priced Less than Stainless

• 10 Times the Corrosion Resistance of

Ordinary Yellow Zinc Plating

• Square Drive for Installation Ease

• Priced up to 50% Less than Stainless

Ml 1-800-443-7337 or FAX (804) 847-7136

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