Drill the hinge holes. To make sure the hinges are aligned perfectly, place a straightedge across the tops of the heart's arches and square a line across the wall at the apex of each arch. Clamp the wall to the lid and drill all the way through as shown below. Be sure to set the depth stop of your drill press to avoid drilling through the lid.

Apply a finish. I recommend shellac for the inside of the box. Oils and varnishes may have an undesirable lingering odor in an enclosed space.

Finally, assemble the box. This is the easy part: Simply pop the hinges in place and secure them with a twist of a screw. Now fill the box with your sweet's favorite treats and get ready

Multi-bearing rabbeting bit sets are available from Amana, (800) 445-0077 Circle #602, and from Woodworker's Supply, (800) 645-9292 Circle #603

Inlay bushing sets for V4-in.-dia. bits are available from Woodhaven, (800) 344-6657 Circle #604

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