Complementary Template


Make the halves for the bottom and top. Use the appropriate template to trace the outline of each half-part onto your stock. Extend a reference line from the template to the stock. Bandsaw each half-part about V16 in. oversize and clamp it to the template, aligning the edges and the reference lines.

Template rout the outsides to final shape using the appropriate template and a flush-trim router bit. I find that a shear flush-trim bit, which has a slight spiral, cuts more cleanly than a straight-flute bit. (See Sources.)

Now rout Ihe profiles and glue up the lid and bottom. Rout any decorative profile you want along the edges of the bottom and lid, then glue the halves together. I used a cove on the box's bottom piece and an ogee on the lid. (See Box Overview, page 66.) Bandsaw a couple of damping cauls from scrap and carefully align the halves when gluing them.

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