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#13 April 1990: Turned Birdhouses. Slot Moniscr #15 August 1990: Carving Letter*. Quilt Rack #22 October 1991: Drawer Making, Hanging Corner Cupboard

#23 December 1991: Riding Locomotive, Slat-Top Dc*k

<24 Februar)' 1992: Windsor Chair. Router Table

#32 June 1993: Am \ Crafts Cabinet

#38 June 1994: Bmer's Guide to Bamlwws.

Queen Anne Lowboy

«41 1995 Tool Buyer's Guide

#43 Februar)-1995: Pcrfca Planes. Ultimate Steam Box.

Tablcsaw Outfced Cart

#44 April 1995: Roolutioiury Router Tabic.

#45 June 1995: Colonial Tavern Table.

Buyer's Guide to Shop Vacs. Breadboard Ends

#46 August 1995: Buyer's Guide to Router Table Fcnccs,

Ans 6c Craft* Armoirc. Vacuum Clamping

#47 October 1995: Rustic Rocker. Japanese Toolbox

#48 19% Tool Buyer's Guide

#49 December 1995: Queen Anne Tea Table

#50 February 19%: Make Pcifet Edge Join»

#51 April 19%: TabJcsaw Tapering Jig.

Buyer's Guide to Jack Planes

#53 August 19%: JoinLs foe Better Cabinets

#54 October 1996: Mormingjig, Dovetails, Scrolkiws

#55 1997 Tool Buyer's Guide

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The Complete amejtlgan WOODWORKER Index Includes Issues #1-49 (1988-1995). The americas Woodworker Index zeros in fast on the information you need. Includes every artidc. project. Tech Tip and more from 1988 through 1995 — all listed by subject and cross-referenced for easy use.

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