First Hole

Cutting Angles

When I need to make an angled cut on a rail or panel. I use the jig shown here. Choose a straight piece of wood, at least 1 '/2 in. wide, nail one end and clamp the other. To reset the jig at the same angle, pencil a line on the base board.

Ycung Chan Fort Bragg, CA

Swing into position and clamp.-NAIL-

Swing into position and clamp.-NAIL-

Power Waxing

I don't own a buffer, and waxing the surfaces of my several machines was a considerable chore. Finally I got smart. I mounted 80-grit sandpaper on my random-orbit sandcr and placed the sander on a folded cotton rag. Now I can buff large surfaces quickly and easily.

David Wechter American Falls, ID

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