Regular Plug

make plugs undereizc. The combination leads to ill-fitting plugs that arc very noticeable in your finished work. Snug Plug cutters are designed to cut slightly tapered plugs; the first of the plug is the stated size (1/4", -Vi6'\ etc.) and then flares out at a 3° included angle. Unlike regular plug cutters, they also shave the plug sides as they cut, producing very smooth plugs. You just tap a plug into a hole until you meet resistance, then cut off the excess. You will then have a plug that fits perfectly, with a nearly invisible line between the plug and the workpiece. These plug cutters are carefully reamed after hardening to ensure perfect concentricity. It is difficult to believe how nice a plugging job you can do until you actually use one. W shanks. Patented. AWSOl Snug Plug' - 1/4"* $11.95

AWS06 Set of 3 Imperial Cutters* $29.95 AWS07 Set of 5 Imperial Cutters $52.95

Veritas' Flush-Cutting Saw

Traditionally used for the rapid trimming of plugs and dowels flush with a surface, our flush-cutting saws can be used anywhere that you want to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face. This is possible because the teeth arc set one way only. The 22 tpi Japanese-style tooth pattern cuts aggressively (on the pull stroke), but docs not mark the surface that it is cutting next to. The .016" thick blade is

Protruding pbg

Protruding pbg

flexible and can be pressed Hush to any surface. The saw is available with teeth cut on only one edge or in a double-edged style that cuts in either direction. Each is about 111/2" long with W of blade. These work like a charm. Patented.

B. AW01 Flush-Cut Saw. Single Edge $14.95

C. AW02 Rush-Cut Saw. Double Edge $17.95

Veritas' Snug Plug* Cutters & Sa\* Offer Wc arc offering our set of 3 Snug Plug* Curlers (1/T. •W. l/2") with either our »»ingle -edge or double-edge Flush-Culling Saw at a special discount. This combination will quickly becomc indivpensahle in the shop AW03 Single Flush-Cut & Cutlers $39.95

AW04 Double Flush-Cut Cutters $42.50

D. Carpenter's Becch Mallets

A good mallet is one of the first tools that any woodworker should purchase. It is useful daily in the shop for dozens of tasks, but is particularly handy for striking chisels and gouges. These are classic mallets made from steamed European beech, lacquered and polished. The faces arc slightly raked to ensure a square strike; the face size lets you watch what you are doing rather than how you are striking the tool. The chamfered edges prevent splintering in use. The 4V2" size is standard (16 oz), and the 6" is for heavy mortising (24 oz). AW 17 Beech Mallet - 41/2" $14.50

E. Polished Firmer Gouges

These are sturdy firmer gouges with double-hooped hardwood handles, in the classic European style, suitable for use with a mallet. The blades are forged from chrome-vanadium steel and are fully polished. Tempered to Rc57-59, they need only final honing before use. Overall gouge lengths arc 10" to II". Available in l/T. W. !/2". 3/4", and I " sizes, or as a set of all five. Excellent value.

AW24 Polished Firmer (iouge - 1/4" $ 750 AW25 Polished Firmer Gouge - W $ 7.75 AW26 Polished Firmer Gouge - »/2" $ 7.95 AW27 Polished Firmer Gouge- 3/4" $ 8.95 AW28 Polished Firmer Gouge - 1 " $ 9.95 AW29 Set (5) Firmer Gouges $38.00

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