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Many woodworkers leave behind a legacy of work for future generations; some also leave trees to replace the ones they use. In northern California, the Sonoma County Woodworkers' Association (SCWA) gathers annually to plant the next generation of trees with the current generation of kids.

The five-year-old program is a real community project. The group works with a different school each year to grace the grounds with native trees. The guild buys some; others come from a PTA "tree fund." Nurseries and hardware stores give discounts and donations, and a nurseryper-son helps select suitable trees.

On planting day, woodworkers and kids gather trees and supplies. After a brief discussion and demo, adults and kids break into workgroups. In an afternoon, a dozen adults and a few dozen kids can easily plant 20 trees.

The Albuquerque (NM) Woodworkers Association helped Cub Scouts plant over 150 native trees last year through a similar program. So, along with a small forest of trees planted by woodworkers, grows a spirit of responsibility and trust in the future. —Paul Anthony

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