Chisels & plane irons Skew chisels 41/2 Scrapers 4'/2 Gouges 3


Street price: $99.95 Standard accessories: None

Optional accessories: Set of 3 guides> 521.95; diamond dresser; $49.95; reference posters for common bevel angles, $12.95

Complete O'Donnell system: $159.95, includes everything but the reference posters

Designed by Michael O'Donnell, the noted turner and engineer, this solid cast-iron and steel tool rest fits wheels up to 13/4 in. wide. A clever telescoping post lets you quickly set the platform for different bevel angles. Standard angles— 15*, 25*, 30° and 45°—are marked and indexed, so you can reset them easily. The maximum bevel angle is 45*. If you want a steeper angle, you'll have to shim the platform.

The complete system includes three guides that slide in a platform slot: a 90' guide for chisels and plane irons, a 60' guide for skew chisels, and a slide bar for attaching your own custom-made guides. You hold the tool against the guide and feed the edge into the wheel by feel. The diamond dresser works like a charm thanks to its screw feed, which advances the dresser into the wheel.

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