Combo Machine for Yankees

Euroshop 300

A combination machine is like an "instant shop"— you get four major picccs of equipment in one compact package. The EuroShop 300 is designed with the market in mind. Arbors, spindles and other critical parts are dimensioned in inch rather than metric sizes, and American-style guards are standard. This heavy-duty machine features a 12-in. tilting-arbor tablesaw with a sliding table, a 12-in. jointer-planer with a horizontal mortiser, and a four-speed shaper with a 1 '/4-in.-dia. spindle. These components are powered by three separate 3-HP motors. (Price: $5.975 plus shipping) Old World Machinery CoDept. AWT, 1062-H Calle Negocio, San Clemente, CA 92673, (714) 498-7205. Circle #622

Grinding Wheel Tune-Up

■ Out-of-balance grinding wheels cause bcnch grinders to vibrate and can compromise safety. Oneway's Balancing Fixture is the first device we've seen that lets you precisely balance grinding wheels to compensate for out-of-round or variations in density. The result: safer operation, less noise, less wear on grinder wheels and bearings, and better edges on your cutting tools. The system includes flanges that fasten to the grinding wheels, small screws that serve as balancing weights and a balance test fixture. (Price: $65) Oneway Manufacturing, Dept. AWi, 241 Monteith Ave., Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A 2P6, (800) 565-7288. Circle #623

A Router Table with All the Moves

■ Woodline's "Everything" Router Table combines some of the best features we've seen in a router table, including a sliding table with 26 in. of travel, and a cross-feed mechanism that lets you advance the router forward and backward by turning a crank. Each half of the tall, split fence can be adjusted side to side or forward and back for jointing operations. Plus, the entire top tilts up for easy access to the router. A featherboard and dust-collection hood are included. The Woodline Router Table fits any router up to 3 HP, fixed base or plunge. (Retail price: $499 including stand) Woodline Arizona, Inc., Dept. AWT, Box 1530, Payson, AZ 85547, (800) 472-6950. CircIc #624

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Precision T-Rules


Gil-Bilt kits include step-by-step plans, full scale patterns, and all the necessary metal parts and components (except wood parts and the motor). Made in America with pride by Gilliom Manufacturing, Inc. since 1946.

For QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP choose GIL-BILT and construct your own:

▼ Lathe/Drill Press Comb

▼ Spindle Shapcr

▼ Circular Saw Table

Send $9 per plan. $25 for any 4 tool plans, or $2 for brochure. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

gilliom manufacturing, inc. Dept. AW71 .P.O.Box 1018 St. Charles, MO 63302 PHONE (314) 724-1812



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