Wolverine Grinding

Street price: $79.95

Standard accessories: Two bases, V-arm

Optional accessories: Vari-Crind attachment, $48; Wheel-dressing attachment, $64.95

The Wolverine jig is designed for turning tools, but it will also handle chisels and plane irons. It's the only jig tested that has two platform bases, one for each wheel of your grinder. Each base has a quick-acting cam clamp that holds accessories firmly. The large platform—used for chisels, plane irons and scrapers—is set at a fixed height, but you can adjust its angle for different bevel angles. The platform has no sliding jigs; you hold these tools flat on the platform and sharpen them freehand.

Sharpening gouges is a treat with the V-arm attachment, which consists of a long bar with a pocket that supports the tool's handle. You slide the arm in or out until the gouge's bevel contacts the wheel, then rotate the handle to grind the bevel.

With the optional Vari-Grind attachment in the V-arm (shown at right) you can accurately grind any gouge profile from a traditional fingernail to the radical "side grind" preferred by many turners. The wheel-dressing accessory has a fine-adjustment knob for controlled trueing cuts.

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