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$49.00, fi pc. Joint Making Set

Straaht Bits. 6 Dovetails I.

Cutters & Bearing Sets si C 00

Two-Rute Cutters avail, in 1/4* or 1/2* shark ABen wrench included. 5/32* Kert *! 3 bearnjs. ais si« lo fi an biscuit sues Smc* uj a seas w Rabbeting Bit ml 4 bearings for rabbets ot 1/4*. &'i6". 3.'8' & 11T depth 1/4" Kerf Slot Cutter w;4 bearngs cut slots 1/4'. S<16*. W & 1/2* Cepn

• Best Prices • S3 me Dêf Service • Super Selection

32-page 0«it«ilog includrd with every order

Possibly the Finest Tool You'll Ever Own. Period.


A new measure of control.

ControLok is another "first" from Starrett. the leader in measuring tape innovation. It provides instant, automatic locking as the blade is pulled out, to give users the ultimate In blade control. The convenient thumb release on the front of the case lets the user "fine-tune" blade position and control the speed of retraction. This exclusive ControLok design also eliminates problems with measurement interference and accidental blade retraction that are common with bottom-controlled tapes.

ControLok features a rugged, impact resistant case with a unique rubber grip panel for sure handling . All tapes have heavy duty blades with an ultraviolet topcoat and Starrett Tough Tip8 blade protectors. ControLok tapes are available in three sizes (V2Hxl2\ 3/Txl6\ lMx25'). Users may choose from a Chrome case or any of three high-visibility colors (yellow, green, orange).


Innovations That Work

The L.S.Starrett Company. 121 Crcsccnt Street. AUxtf. MA 01331. Tel: (508)249-5330. Fax: (508) 2498495.


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