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You can't prevent a flood, but you can prevent a disaster.

Talk to your insurance agent or call us now for free information.

But act quickly. While a flood can strike as fast as lightning, it takes 30 clays before coverage begins.

We can't replace your memories, but we can help you build new ones.

Since homeowner's insurance doesn't cover floods, you may be in for an expensive surprise.

It's a fact that may come as news to many people, and often too late: Only flood insurance covers floods. Available through your insurance agent, it's the best way to protect your home and family when flood damage occurs. And compared to going into debt or having to qualify for disaster relief, the cost of flood insurance is a drop in the bucket.

Think you can't be flooded? Think again.

Even if you don't live near water or live on a hill and believe you're safe from floods, just listen to the news. Experts report that weather patterns are changing fast, and so are your chances of being flooded. In fact, last year, two out of three federally declared disasters were flood related. And what's more, 25% of all flood claims came from areas no one considered high risk.

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From Our Readers

Router Scarfing Jig ▼

Boatbuilders often need 10 join boards end to end to make longer planks. Instead of a butt joint they make a long taper on each board and overlap the ends. This is called a scarf joint. One or two scarf joints are easily planed by hand, but for any quantity its well worth spending half an hour to make this simple jig.

The illustration shows ¥i-in. stock being joined with a slope of 8 to 1, which gives an overlap of 6 in. Position the plank so the end to be joined is flush with the end of the jig and wedge it securely. Make one pass with the router using a straight-flute plunge bit to remove the bulk of material. Then reset the router for a second, lighter cut, stopping just short of a feather edge at the plank end. You may wish to clean up the scarf with a few passes of a low-angle block plane.


Taping Diagonals ▲

Measuring diagonals with a tape was a pain for me because the hook would always fall off the corner before 1 could get a reading. Finally 1 adapted a tape by riveting a small, notched block to the end, as shown. Now I can slip the tape over the corner of the cabinet to be squared with no fear of it slipping off. This is a good use for broken steel tapes missing their first couple of inches.


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