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Squeeze the Most from Your Shop Space!

VEGA MMK-1, $ I 10 + $10 handle; MMK-2 (pictured below). $125 + handle; MMK-3. $135 + handle

The Vega assembles right under the machine. There's no need to lift your 400-lb. tablesaw onto the base. Just tip the machine enough to slide the 1/16-in.-thick corner pads underneath and tighten a couple of set screws with an Allen wrench.

The Vega is a unique base with a detachable handle that allows you to positively steer your machine around the shop rather than shove it in the direction you'd like to go. Even the MMK-1 can easily handle a cabinet saw, and an extension is available for the MMK-3 to fit a cabinet saw with a 52-in. fence and table extension.

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