Cardboard Shield

(see below), all for the cost of a couple pieces of glass.

A. Sure, the trick is to remove the wood panels without disturbing the integrity of the frames. Start drilling four holes in the panel corners. Use a jigsaw to cut out most of the panel, then pull the remnants from the frame (Photo 1). Sometimes, panels are spot glued or tacked in place. In that case, you'll need needle-nosed pliers or a "beater" chisel to dig out the brads or glue. Next, use a rabbeting bit to remove the back lip of the panel groove (Photo 2). Bring the frames to your local hardware store and have glass cut to fit. Make retainer strips out of the same wood as the door. Finish the strips and the newly machined rabbet to match the door, because they will be visible through the glass. Finally, install the glass (Photo 3). Now your plain old kitchen uppers are elegant display cabinets

(see below), all for the cost of a couple pieces of glass.


Lee Valley

(800) 871 -8158, Rabbeting Bit Set 16J32.20, 1/4" shank, $30 16J32.70, 1/2" shank, $30.

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Finally, a slot cutter with nothing to lose. No shims, no spacers. Quick & Easy Setup - Nothing to take apart, just dial it, lock it, cut it. Simply adjust the dial in 0.004" increments. Easily makes perfect grooves for today's undersized plywood. Perfect for edge fT") molding installation.

Available in two sizes:

• #55500 - For 1/8"-1/4" wide slots, 1/2" deep

• #55510 - For 1/4"-1/2n wide slots, 1/2" deep

Carbide tipped for long life.

Amana Tool

High Performance Cutting Tools

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