In the 300- to 400-lb. range, we found the cam levers to be undersized for the job. We had to lift up on the machine to help raise the base off the footpads.

With over 100 parts to put together, these models require considerable time to assemble and adjust.

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No matter where you live, the Xium spilateral "dish " antenna will collect all of the signals available, from any direction without the need for rotating or tuning.

XiumAir Works!

Local broadcast Tower


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First patented dish antenna brings in broadcast signals other antennas can't find.

The XiumAir's Spilateral technology conquers ghosts, fuzzy pictures and rooftop monstrosities.


No matter where you live, the Xium spilateral "dish " antenna will collect all of the signals available, from any direction without the need for rotating or tuning.

If you live in an area where TV reception is weak, 'rabbit ears' and ugly rooftop antennas may only bring in fuzzy signals that aren't worth watching. Enter the XiumAir Antenna -- the world's first spilateral antenna designed to bring in strong video and audio signals from all directions for great TV/stereo reception. Patented spilateral technology lets the XiumAir grab signals coming from all directions from as far away as 50 miles. Its 18" parabolic reflective / ground element increases signal strength and stability to give you local broadcast reception as good as, or better than, eablc TV or satellite reception. There's no expensive installation required, and it's fully compatible with any TV or stereo tuner for high-energy VIIF/ UHF/FM reception.

No aiming, rotating or tuning.

XiumAir's new 83-channel technology combines an all-in-one device for receiving high-energy TV reception. Unlike most external antennas, the XiumAir doesn't have-to be pointed in the direction of transmitters. That's the beauty of spilateral technology. You can mount the dish-like antenna indoors or outside (on your roof or a horizontal mast). The higher the elevation.



XiumAir Works!

Local broadcast Tower the better signal-grabbing performance you get. You don't have to aim it in any direction or rotate it for different stations. The XiumAir gives fully automatic multidirectional tuning in any direction for great TV viewing.

The versatile antenna with many uses.

If you have a DSS satellite system, the XiumAir is the ideal complement for receiving local channels without monthly fees. And when high definition broadcast TV arrives in a few years, you will be ready. Plus you can use the antenna now for AM / FM stereo, home-based CB systems, and shortwave radio. The XiumAir Antenna features compact, modern styling that will blend in with almost any decor. The UV-protected housing is made of impact-resistant copolymer, making the exterior resistant to weathering and color change. It includes a standard cable connector for any cable-ready hookup. The XiumAir Antenna delivers maximum local broadcast reception to any television, stereo or any other audio or video receiver, without the use of unsightly, ugly or 'wind damaged' antennas.

Enjoy better TV reception - risk free!

This unique design is the result of years of research and testing, and now you can try it for yourself risk-free. Each XiumAir Antenna System is handcrafted and individually tested

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The world's first dish-type TV antenna - the last antenna you'll ever need


"¿.Ttaff you were i for high quality performance. With the XiumAir Antenna, you'll eliminate those unsightly antennas for good. The XiumAir Antenna comes with a 30-day manufacturer's limited warranty and Xium's exclusive risk-free home trial. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just call us for free expert installation assistance, or simply return it within 30 days for a refund, less S&H.

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