Finishing is easy because you can tackle each piece separately. This way, you won't have any troublesome inside corners to deal with.

®J jj Assemble the bookstand and pound in the wedges b U with a few hard taps.The power of the wedges to stiffen the case is truly awesome!

Jeepers! These two boards make an unhappy mismatch: one's light and the other's dark. I didn't see this problem coming until I put the finish on. Believe me, they looked the same color when I glued them together!

I'm stuck with this mistake, but next time I'll check the color of all my boards first and cut and glue later. Simply wetting a planed board with a damp sponge gives a good idea of what color the board will be with a clear finish on it.


An Important Message for Those with Hardwood Floors

Is it Possible to do a $3,200 i(Re finishing" Job on Your Hardwood Floors for Only $20?

;ien you first glimpse a solid hardwood floor, you sense the richness, warmth and natural beauty. Hardwood floors can be beautiful, but any homeowner knows that they get scratched and dulled from furniture and everyday foot traffic. Dirt, grit and furniture legs are your hardwood floor's worst enemies—they act like sandpaper on the finish, causing scratches, dents and dulling.

Refinishing sealed hardwood floors can cost the average homeowner over $3,200! That refinishing process creates so much dust that many homeowners need to put their furniture in storage and move into a hotel for up to a week in order to complete the refinishing process. Worse yet, chemicals used in refinishing a hardwood floor can give off dangerous fumes and are often flammable. Instead, most homeowners neglect their fine hardwood floors and let them become more and more scratched. The once elegant finish just gets duller and duller.

What can you do instead? Joe McDonnell and 2 other chemists from the University of Miami invented a revolutionary acrylic polymer that will renew sealed hardwood floors at a price of less than $20 for 325 square feet. It's called "Rejuvenate" and it gives a new life to


One Easy Application Lasts for 6 Months!

M> Just Pour and Mop. Dries to a clear and luxurious finish in under an hour.

* Fills in scratches and eliminates dull spots

* Provides enhanced traction to slippery floors

* Seals and protects from scratches, ; stains, yellowing, detergents, scuff marks and powdering One Bottle Covers 325 sq.ft.

sealed hardwood floors. It improves the appearance of sealed hardwood without costly sanding and refinishing. Just pour it on and mop it in. It will dry in under an hour and the acrylic finish will fill in scratches and greatly improve the shine of your floor. We did a gloss rating test on a badly scratched wood floor and we were able to improve the optical brightness from a very dull "20" all the way to a highly reflective "96". The special formulation of acrylic polymers and 42 other ingredients coats the top of the floor and fills in scratches. The unique acrylic formula protects the hardwood from stains and discoloration. The leveling agents in Rejuvenate create a much more even and uniform finish. But unlike a wax, there is no build-up, no yellowing and your floors get less slippery.

Not Just for Wood. Our chemists own more than a dozen patents and have developed surface refinishing techniques for the military. They made an amazing discovery when testing Rejuvenate. Not only would the formula work on sealed wood, but it was also remarkable on tile, stone, and linoleum. The exclusive polymer formula improved the shine and protected the flooring on all of these surfaces. The formula fSj

RESTORE Your Hardwood Floors In Just Minutes!


¡que acrylic polymer and 42 other ingredients coat the top of the floor and fill in scratches.The leveling agents in Rejuvenate create a more even and uniform finish.


Sealed Hardwood Ceramic Tile Laminates

1 Grout

• Fiberglass created a rock hard barrier between the foot traffic and the flooring surfaces. If you look at floors with a microscope, its hard to believe how the day-to-day wear and tear on a floor creates crevices in tile, stone, linoleum and wood. It makes sense to protect your floors with Rejuvenate. So avoid die costs and inconvenience of floor refinishing. Don't move out— just Rejuvenate!

We are so sure that you will love Rejuvenate, that we offer our 30-day guarantee. Just return the unused portion for a refund of the full purchase price.

Rejuvenate is not available in stores.

Call now to take advantage of our special direct offer.

Rejuvenate™ Floor Finish $19.95 +S&H. Promotional Code REJi36-oi Please mention this when you call.

Toil-Free 24 hours a day 1-800-386-5195

We can also accept your check by phone.

To order by mail call for details.


products for your next ten years.

14101 Southcross Drive W., Dept. REJ136-01 Burnsville, Minnesota 55337

11-800-386-5195 WWW.NEXTTEN.COM

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