O 18 American Woodworker MAY 2004

Chair Leg Repair

My kitchen chairs are hardly valuable antiques, so when I broke a rung on one I wanted a strong but simple fix. I drilled out the broken tenon from the mortise and plugged it with a piece of wood. Then I trimmed off the end of the broken tenon on the stretcher and drilled a l/4-in.-dia. by l-in.-deep hole into the end. I epoxy glued a 1-3/4-in. piece of threaded rod into this hole. Then I drilled out a corresponding hole into the wood plug and epoxy glued the threaded rod into the wood plug. Epoxy glue is a great gap-filling glue, which means the alignment of the threaded rod doesn't have to be perfect. This fix may seem a bit rough, but it works, and besides—this chair will never be on "Antiques Roadshow."

Bruce Wedlock

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