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We had a last-minute peek at a new Woodcraft mobile base. It features an unusual design built around a single piece of 3/4-in. plywood cut to fit your machine. It is capable of carrying 600 lbs. and features foot-operated lift mechanisms. Woodcraft says the new base will be available in late spring and cost around $60. /W


Craftsman, (800) 377-7414

Delta International, (800) 438-2486

General International,(514) 326-1 I6I

Jet Equipment, (800) 274-6848

Rockier, (800) 279-4441

Shop Fox, (800) 840-8420

Vega Enterprise, (800) 222-8342

Woodcraft, (800) 225-1 153

Vega MMK-3

28 x 28

tablesaw ext., LSPT, $35

* 16-in. min. on pedal side ** Vega prices include $10 handle ***71- length fits lathe

Custom Bases

Custom bases are well-built, expensive and designed to fit specific machines.

Their strength comes from the welded tubular steel frames. They come ready to go right out of the package, so you have no assembly hassles.

These bases cost from $80 to more than $200. The fact that they only fit certain machines means if you change machines you may have to buy a new base.

We tested some custom bases by HTC, DeWalt, Delta and Jet. They all performed well. The Delta and DeWalt were tops for ease of transition with their single foot-pedal for raising and lowering the base. The HTC and Jet are very similar in design. Both offer high floor clearance, screw-down wheel locks and a three-point stance that are real assets on uneven floors.

DELTA 50-289 $208

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