Magnetic Catch

Cabinet and left-hand doors (right-hand doors not shown)

Build It

1. Cut the cabinet frame pieces to size. Rabbet the sides (A) for the ends (B) and the back (C). Rabbet the ends for the back, too.

2. Glue the cabinet frame and back

* simultaneously. Make sure the assem bly is square before you drive the nails and screws.

3. Install the shelves (D). Drill holes for router bits and other accessories before installation. Bevel the shelves' back edges to match the slope that works best for you. Screw the shelves from the back and nail them from the side.

4. Cut the door frame pieces. Rabbet the door sides (E and H) for the ends (F and J).

5. Cut or rout grooves in the inner door frame pieces (E and F) for the dividers (G).

6. Assemble the inner doors. Make sure they're square.

7. Round over the edges and rout rabbets around the outer door faces (K).

8. Assemble the outer doors. Make sure they're square.

9. Cut the hinges to length with a hacksaw.

10. Lay the cabinet on its back to install the doors. Clamp the inner doors in position on top of the cabinet. Then attach the hinges.

11. Clamp the outer doors on the inner doors and attach the remaining hinges.

12. After hanging the doors, install magnetic catches and mount the latch.

Overall Dimensions: 18-1/4" x 28-3/4"x 39" (set up), 3-5/16" x 29" x 39" (folded)

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