The base is easy to adjust and can be assembled right under the machine (Photo 1). The "jack and trolley" system is as quick and easy as it gets when moving from a resting position to a mobile one (Photo 2). The ability to steer with the double wheels at the base of the handle makes it a dream to maneuver. The Vega is more stable in transit because any pushing or pulling force is on the base, not on the machine. Also, the lift ring can be positioned right on the center of gravity of the machine, not the base. This is a real benefit when moving machines like bandsaws whose center of gravity is way off center.

When you remove the handle, the base rests on the four 1/16-in.-thick steel corner pads. It's as though your machine were sitting on its own four feet. No weight is left on the wheels. This makes a very stable platform that won't budge and does not change the height of your machine. A separate leveler (Photo 3) takes care of uneven floors.

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